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Great for folk who haven't got space for a compost bin or worm farm!

Bokashi system comes in a 10L or 15L option, both with a 1kg bag of Bokashi Compost Zing.

'Bokashi' is a generic Japanese term, meaning 'fermented organic matter' and is widely used throughout New Zealand, the system processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in just four weeks! Advantages include;

The system consists of two recycled plastic buckets, one sits inside the other with a gap at the bottom where liquid collects through a series of holes in the top bucket. A lid on the top bucket makes the system airtight. Organic waste including fruit and vegetable mater, meat, fish, any left over food, coffee grounds and tea bags, is placed into the top bucket with a tablespoon of the Compost-Zing EM mixture sprinkled over the waste. The liquid collected makes a fantastic plant fertiliser when watered down, or if used concentrated, a marvellous drain and pipe cleaner!

Being so compact and easily transportable they are great for apartments, camping and in our situation, housesitting! The whole system is airtight so there is no smell, and with handles on the buckets, it is easily picked up to be taken to be moved or emptied. When full (which takes about a month for the two of us) just let it sit for two more weeks then find somewhere to either add it to an existing compost, bury in a garden or under a tree. Your friends, family, neighbours and community gardens will all be clamoring for your organic waste! However, even if you send it to landfill, you will have greatly reduced the volume and methane produced from just sending unprocessed waste there.

Includes instructions, a 1kg bag of EM mixture and the two recycled plastic buckets that make up the system.

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