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Our deodorants are all 100% natural making them great for use on a daily basis and long term you will have peace of mind knowing that there are no harmful toxins such as synthetic fragrances, plant based derivatives or aluminium compounds.

These are not anti-perspirants as we are meant to sweat, it’s one of the ways we get rid of toxins from our bodies.

What we don’t want to do is smell! Our natural deodorants work!

Green Goddess natural deodorants are handmade in NZ out of:

- coconut oil
- organic cold pressed hemp seed oil
- candelilla wax
- tapioca
- premium baking soda (not man made, aluminium free)
- pure essential oils

To apply you simply put a little on your finger and rub it under each arm pit, less than a pea size will do both arms and one application will usually last all day. As these are a natural product they will be more solid in winter and less solid in summer. Use the spatula for application and stir in the warmer months. When travelling in hot climates take a little in a small airtight plastic or glass container or place the tin in a sealed bag to prevent leakage.

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