Mike Heiler - Bamboo Flutes [SALE]



New Zealand made Bamboo Flutes

The flutes are all made out of New Zealand bamboo and treated only with linseed oil.

They're all unique, and in different keys and different scales. Some sound Arabian, and other ones in the ordinary major scale. 

How to Play the flutes:
To learn to play them may require a bit of patience at first. You might want to start by not putting any fingers on the holes, but just trying to produce a note by blowing across (over the top of) the mouth hole. It is a bit like blowing across the top of a bottle. Once you have the sound, then you can start covering the holes with your fingers, making sure each finger is completely covering its hole. When that has become easy you can try going up and down by opening one hole after the other until you can play the entire scale. 

Taking care of the flutes:
Just like any wooden instrument, the flutes should not be left in the sun or in extreme heat such as the dashboard of a car, as this might cause them to crack.
Sudden or drastic temperature changes puts stress on the material. Usually this is not a problem but in the heat of summer or the very cold of winter, it can cause cracking of the bamboo.
Also, an occasional application of linseed or walnut oil (about once a year) on the inside of the flute will help. You can do this with a small cloth tied to a piece of dowling. Make sure the flute is dry when you oil it and that the oil has completely dried before you play again. 

Extra-Large - was $40, now on sale for $36
Large - was $35, now on sale for $31.50
Medium - Was $30, now on sale for $27

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