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Hamilton city is one of the only cities in New Zealand to still support a resident population of long-tailed bats. The long-tailed bat is unique to New Zealand, and is one of our only two remaining species of native terrestrial mammals. These bats can be found throughout New Zealand in varying habitats, but its numbers are declining due to the removal of trees (where bats roost), predation by pest mammals, and increasing competition for roost sites from rats and possums.

Long-tailed bats are capable of long distance flight. These bats may have large home ranges and regularly move between forest fragments to feed and roost. There are a few confirmed bat roosting sites in the southern part of the city, but bats are likely to be more widely distributed throughout the city than previously thought.

You can support our long-tail bat population by buying a bat house! These are made locally in Hamilton, and all money from the houses goes towards Project Echo, an initiative to raise awareness for our long-tail bat species. By creating safe spaces for bats to roost at night, you're directly helping bat conversation! They can be easily attached to a tree or vertical wall on a house (the higher the better).

We recommend these bat houses be picked up from our store in Frankton. 

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