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the wardrobe essential you didn't know existed

Full Brief - Your sleep period brief

Hate leaks? Love Luna! 

Our period briefs will protect against life's annoying and sometimes embarrassing situations. 4 layers of absorbency and protection guard against accidental leaks. Wear me as a back-up or with nothing at all, only you know your flow.


The Full Brief is perfect for sleep, new mums, or Luna Lovers with a heavy flow thanks to its super coverage. Made from soft, breathable cotton with a high waist for maximum comfort - the Full Brief is your must have shape.


Let's get techy: What makes this underwear so magic is its super comfortable inbuilt pad. The four layers of protection include a soft cotton lining, absorbent and breathable padding, a waterproof layer and a soft cotton outer. Measuring only 3mm in thickness, the padding area is still discreet enough for everyday wear.


Know your flow: Absorbs 15-20ml (3-4 regular tampons) & can be worn on its own or as a backup. Only you know your flow.


Earth Impact: Panty liners take 500 years to decompose. Reduced disposables = less waste to landfill for Muma Earth.

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