Predator Free Hamilton - Modified Victor Stoat Trap and wooden tunnel


Delivery for local residents only Hamilton.

Protect native birds and wildlife in your backyard by doing predator control.  Removing stoats and rats from your backyard can help increase the native wildlife and you'll be contributing towards the Predator Free 2050 goal. 

Instructions on how to set your trap are included. 

Passed NAWAC (National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee) testing.

Measurements: Tunnel specs will vary from box to box.  All under 2.5kg, and approx 45 x 22 x 17cm in size. 

The boxes are made by the Mens Shed with recycled wood and designed to prevent children, pets and non-target predators from accessing the trap. 

More info follow Predator Free Hamilton

Please note - Delivery only available for Hamilton addresses.

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