: Limited edition: Pekapeka t-shirt (design by Iata Peautolo) Last two .


Love bats, love nature and love a good t-shirt?  We're super excited to launch our limited edition pekapeka t-shirts designed by Iata Peautolu.  

Born and raised in Hamilton, Iata Peautolu is a multidisciplinary artist who is known for his tamoko and tatatau practice. Inspired by his Maori and Niuean lineage, Iata takes pride in his dual heritage, which is reflected within his work from tatatau, painting, illustration to graphic design. He draws his creativity from his urban upbringing in Hamilton and the art culture that continues to evolve in this modern world. He created this design for Go Eco to help raise awareness for pekapeka-tou-rou in Aotearoa.

Pekapeka-tou-roa are the size of your thumb, weigh the same as a $2 coin and have a wingspan of your hand.  They live in big old trees along rivers and gullies and travel at night for food.  They are one of two native mammals for Aotearoa, the other being the short-tailed bat.  Both are considered vulnerable due to habitat loss and predation.  Proceeds from the sale of each t-shirt go towards our regional bat conservation work. 

The T-shirts are printed by Studio 386 - a fellow Frankton business.  


2x camel with small logo avaliable.

SKU: 10000-62-3

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