Turn your showers into a spa-like aromatherapy experience.

Wakey, wakey! is an invigorating citrus explosion to help you rise and shine in the mornings. It will fill your shower with the delicious essential oil blend smells of the universally loved Pink Lemon-AID soap, with a touch of menthol to help carry the smell and clear your head. 
How to use:

Place on the shower floor while showering, in a place where it will get wet, but out of direct stream of water. Breathe in and enjoy the therapeutic essential oil scented steam. Breathe out and energise. Enjoy!
NOTE: Not suitable to be used in the bath as the concentration of essential oil & menthol is not skin safe!
Key ingredients & their benefits:

Essential oils of Yuzu, Lemon, Lemongrass, Bitter Orange and Litsea Cubeba to invigorate and lift the mood
Menthol crystals to amplify & carry the scent of essential oils, and clear the head
Aromatherapy Shower Bombs are:

Plant based/vegan friendly
Perfect to get you going in the morning!

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