Turn your showers into a spa-like aromatherapy experience.

Sweet Dreams is a relaxing lavender explosion to help you wind down in the evenings. It will fill your shower with delightful Lavender calming Vetiver essential oil scent, with a touch of menthol to help carry the smell and clear your head. 
How to use:

Place on the shower floor while showering, in a place where it will get wet, but out of direct stream of water. Breathe in and enjoy the therapeutic essential oil scented steam. Breathe out and energise. Enjoy!
NOTE: Not suitable to be used in the bath as the concentration of essential oil & menthol is not skin safe!
Key ingredients & their benefits:

Essential oils of Lavender and Vetiver for their calming grounding effects
Menthol crystals to amplify & carry the scent of essential oils, and clear the head
Aromatherapy Shower Bombs are:

Plant based/vegan friendly
Perfect to help you wind down in the evening

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