Moraka Menstrual Cup Large

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An eco-friendly, cost efficient and affordable option for your periods.
Looking for an alternative sanitary product? Tired of disposable sanitary products? Want to save thousands of dollars for ten years. Look no further. Introducing Moraka Menstrual Cups. Cups come in both a size small or large.
Size Large
Size: 4.6cm by 8cm
Holds 29-30ml
Perfect for those who have heavier flow, given birth, prefer a larger size or use bigger pads and tampons.
Moraka Menstrual Cups come in a reusable  case with instructions.
Colour: Pink
Material: Medical Grade silicone

Moraka Menstrual Cups is a New Zealand-run business. Originally started from the Young Enterprise Scheme in 2019 we are continuously growing and expanding.
‘Moraka’ means freedom of the body and expression. This aligns with the core values of the business of feminism and gender equity. When you use a menstrual cup you should feel free and unconstrained by society’s stigma of periods.
Moraka’s mission is to sell affordable, sustainable and cost effective menstrual cups that counter the issue of period poverty and menstrual taboo in society. Moraka Menstrual Cups are a safer, healthier, and eco- friendly option for your period. Menstrual cups provide comfort and a more convenient way to handle your period. Period poverty is a serious issue that affects 1 in every 5 New Zealanders.We want to reduce period poverty (a concept used to describe people who cannot afford period products) and break the stigma of periods in our society. Having access to proper products is a human right and no one should have to go with the basics.

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