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Tropical flavoured lip balm, packaged in a 100% biodegradable tube.
Ecobalm Tropical is made from only 3 simple ingredients:
100% Certified Organic
 100% Natural
Almond Oil
Sweet Mango Oil
We believe less unnecessary additives provides you with more health benefits
Our certified organic beeswax is supplied by Hutton's Honey, a certified organic Apiary located in rural South Canterbury. With only 3 natural ingredients, Ecobalm doesn't have unnecessary or harmful additives.
The beeswax and almond oil create a natural and nourishing balm for your lips, with mango oil combining for a sweet tropical flavour.
Ecobalm comes in a 7 gram tube, which is larger than a normal lip balm you would find in a shop. 
Ecobalm is a natural and healthy alternative to regular lip balm. With 100% biodegradable packaging, you won't leave a trace. 

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