Living with the Climate Crisis Voices from Aotearoa Tom Doig (ed)


‘It is there, in the background. Always. Increasingly urgent. Its ominous hum is the soundtrack to every other story we tell.’
The devastating summer of Australian bushfires underlined a terrifying sense of a world pushed to the brink. Then came Covid-19, and with it another dramatic lurch away from business as usual. Some observers are worried that the all-consuming effort to control the pandemic will distract us from the long-term challenge of limiting catastrophic climate change. At the same time, many people are hoping for a ‘green Covid-19 recovery’: a cleaner, fairer and safer world. This BWB Text brings together mātauranga Māori and Pasifika perspectives, voices from academia, activism, journalism and economics to bear witness to these troubled times. 

Patrick Crewdson, Shaun Hendy, Ingrid Horrocks, Maia Ingoe, Suzi Kerr, Ollie Langridge, Meg Mundell, Jess Pasisi, Jacqueline Paul, Tamatha Paul, James Renwick, Aroha Spinks and Taa Ramsay Vili.

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