Magenta Bat 5 Bat Detector


The Magenta Bat 5 is a handheld super-heterodyne bat detector with an illuminated easy-to-read LCD frequency display. This fantastic entry-level detector converts ultrasonic bat calls into a sound that is audible to humans, allowing you to listen to and identify the bats flying around you. The Magenta Bat 5 has a dial which is used to tune the detector to the required frequency and an LCD screen which displays the frequency that the detector is tuned into. 

Magenta Bat 5 features* Backlit 4 digit LCD frequency display* Large digits - visible for daytime and nighttime use* Frequency range of 10kHz to 130kHz* Extended low frequency coverage - suitable for insects and some birds* Custom moulded compact design* Specially contoured microphone housing for enhanced frequency sensitivity* Requires 4 x AAA Alkaline, NiCd, or NiMH rechargeable batteries* Low-power design ensures a very long battery life* Top-illuminated large diameter frequency dial* Conveniently placed output sockets on the bottom edge of the case* Output socket to connect a recorder* Headphone socket which automatically mutes loudspeaker* Built-in LED torch* Volume and frequency controls located on the side for easy one-handed operation* Wrist strap for added security and convenience when taking notes

SKU: 10000-5

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