Sleeping On Hammers : A climate action series poetry book


Sleeping on Hammers is an anthology of seven poems on the climate crisis, by local poets. 

Poems have the capacity to engage us and most importantly, expand imaginaries of the future to create hope, responsibility, care, and healing.


Hannah Huggan "From Your Soak'd Breast"

Norman Franke "Our Lady's Bedstraw (close to tipping point)"

Ruby Macomber "Taane Mahuta"

Harvey Aughton "21st Century Cognitive Dissonance"

Lillian Balfour "Led Balloon"

Hannah Petuha "The way they are"

Essa May Rangapiri "who weaves the sea?"

Published April 2022 with the assistance of a grant from the Jeanette Fitzsimons Climate Action Grant (administered by Our Climate Declaration). 

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