"Every turn of the wheel is a revolution" Bike Hub T-shirts.



"Every turn of the wheel is a revolution"  Our NEW Bike Hub t-shirts, are epic thanks to local artist Guy Moskon (The Moskon Review).  Proceeds from the t-shirts help us keep the Bike Hub wheels turning. 

The Bike Hub is an education space for our community to learn to fix or maintain their bike, for free!  As we transition to a carbon-zero city, it’s important that alternative transport methods like cycling are accessible to as many people as possible.  Our Bike Hub mechanic and volunteers give one-on-one guidance, share tools and some parts to help people back in the separated cycleway.

The Bike Hub is open 10-12pm every Thursday to Sunday.  You’ll find it in our carpark, accessed from Kent Street in Frankton.

About the artist:  Guy Moskon is an illustrator/cartoonist/artist/other operating out of New Zealand. His minds eye has a rusty tin can and string phone line to the page tied together with a little San Francisco underground comics style mixed with a good old cereal bowl of 90’s gross out Saturday morning cartoons. All delivered in an accessibly lowbrow punk mentality, open mouth coughing on the sanctity of art.

T-shirts are available in Black; but with the choice of 'Mens Style Cut' or 'Women's Style Cut (Pre-orders only).   Links to sizing guide below.  Please specify the size and style you want in the "Additional delivery notes" comment box during checkout. 



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