Anomalia - Cadence Chung


Cadence Chung’s visceral and intelligent debut anomalia casts poetry as scientific investigation. Populated with strange specimens, cicada husks and glittering gems, these poems explore the love and cruelty in human nature. Chung is in conversation with her literary ancestors, from Sappho to Byron, bringing their work into the world of sparkly eyeshadow and McDonald’s bathrooms. She writes with an open heart, cut through with sardonic wit. anomalia dissects the ideas of otherness, belonging and desire.

Cadence Chung is a poet, student, and musician from Wellington. She began writing from an early age and started being published in her teen years. She has also produced two demo albums, as well as her original musical In Blind Faith which was first put on at Wellington High School in August 2021. anomalia is her first poetry book and was written during her final year of high school. Her writing takes inspiration from Tumblr text posts, antique stores, and dead poets.

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