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On a cold-sweat morning Professor Electro meditated deep over his crystal ball and saw all the good in the world. He saw the rugged mountains of Huehuetenango in Guatemala and the fairtrade support at Guaya’B collective. He saw the organic beans of ANEI in Colombia and the indigenous Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kogui people there, processing coffee by hand. In a blinding flash he saw the goodness of the growers of CENFROCAFE, which started in 1999 in Peru, nurturing their coffee crops along-side food crops, timber and other commodities. He felt in his soul the joy of the SOPACDI cooperative at Lake Kivu in Democratic Republic of the Congo, who in the face of upheaval and violence are able to produce magic. In Ethiopia he glimpsed ecstasy in the harvest season of Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union, starting in late November and running to early March. In Dannevirke he saw simply hope. Professor Electro sent his disciples out and told them to return with only the finest, fair-trade and organic coffee beans in the world. Disciple Walter returned from Guatemala with tales too tall to believe and a bag of beans. Disciple Solomon was next, back from Colombia, speaking in tongues but with beans. Disciple John returned from Peru with a harrowed look and said nothing as he dumped his beans and ran. Disciple Jess appeard from Democratic Rebulic of Congo and could only smile serenely as he placed his beans down and died. Disciple Wayne came back as a god from the forests of Ethiopia. Disciple Thomas never did make it back from Dannevirke so Professor Electro shrugged, figured there was not much he could do about that, and made his astounding Crystal Ball Blend.

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