Paradise Roast (200g Beans) - Good Fortune Coffee


God wouldn’t speak to Dr Warren and angels wouldn’t sing.

Exiled from Eden, he walked the streets of the apocalypse with just one thought: How to recreate Paradise? 
And behold the seas parted, clear to Ethiopia  and on to Papua New Guinea, where a bird of Paradise said unto him, ‘take these beans and roast them’.
‘Take only the highland organic agriculture cooperative beans from Papua New Guinea because  it is only they that possess the raw cacao taste, robust smokiness, and a vanilla bean hit.
‘And take only the sidama beans from Ethiopia, for here is the birthplace of coffee and only these are clean and bright, with flavours of boysenberry, plum and cranberry, while floral with a hint of rosehip and honeysuckle.

‘And if you don’t,’ the bird spoke, ‘God shall cast a plague upon this earth'
So Dr Warren created Paradise. Best made black.

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