Kainga Tahi Kaing Rua : Maori Housing Realities and Aspirations


‘This book will make a pivotal contribution to Māori scholarship for generations to come: an historical compendium of kaupapa-driven mātauranga and mōhiotanga.’ – Ella Henry, from the foreword
Kāinga Tahi, Kāinga Rua surveys the many ways whānau, hapū and iwi experience housing and home across Aotearoa New Zealand.
Arriving at a time of promise and change for Māori housing, these stories of home and belonging provide inspiration for the future. Narratives of resilience open the book, showing how the broad currents of colonisation, social and economic history, and land and law changes have affected housing through time. Personal, heartfelt discussions of the relationships between housing, home and identity highlight contemporary challenges. A rich set of papakāinga housing solutions, accompanied by illustrations, reveals new pathways ahead. Documenting these contemporary Māori housing narratives in their rural, urban and big-city contexts offers a sweeping overview of what ‘home’ can mean for tangata whenua in the twenty-first century.

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