Raglan Chocolate - Malekula Island Vanuatu 90g (Vegan)

Raglan Chocolate


Malekula Island, VANUATU is where these Cacao beans come from. More specifically, they are grown in two small Cacao Farming communities of:

Atchin (with 64 Families) and Larevat (with 50 Families involved).
These Farmers combine their Cacao beans for fermenting, drying and packing before being sent to New Zealand, where we pay a good price back to them.
Mike our Chocolate Maker then uses his magic to entice out the natural flavours inherent in the Beans naturally.  Ending in a Chocolate that is creamy, with caramel notes and a hint of Raisin : ). Two ingredients ~ Cacao & Sugar, that's it... so good.

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