Kai and Culture: Food Stories from Aotearoa New Zealand

freerange press


Edited by Emma Johnson
“… an intriguing volume of pieces from a heterogenous range of writers with a distinctly bicultural flavor. What at first appears to be a veritable smorgasbord of pieces turns out to be a carefully crafted menu … From Mark Revington’s piece on Ngāi Tahu sovereignty to Henry Hargreaves’ whimsical food-map photography to an egg fritter recipe from the Values Party (!) cookbook, there is much food for thought here.” — North & South
Food tells a story. A story about where it came from, who produced it, and its journey from source to plate. We all share in the experience of food: it connects a diversity of people, places and ideas.
In this book writers, chefs, producers and academics cook up essays, profiles and recipes that explore Aotearoa’s contemporary food culture and an emerging, evolving New Zealand food identity. From mahinga kai to vegetable self-sufficiency and whole animal sensibility, Kai and culture looks at the impact food has on our culture.
It also explores many of the current issues that are involved in the growing, making and eating of food. A cultural cook book, if you will.
Kai and culture features 20 essays, 18 profiles and 31 recipes.

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